Fit 39 EX Cool II Glove White

$24.90 AUD

Product Code: Fit39 EX Cool11

  • Following on from the advances in technology with the standard FIT39ex glove the makers have now made a glove that allows the hand to breath with the use of the MICool Air Thu Technology the first of its kind. 

    This glove has all the trademarks and features of the FIT39ex technology but now allows the hand to breath due to the unique positioning of the holes within the construction of the glove.  The FIT39 gloves are one of the bestselling golf gloves in Japan as well as being sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Experience what 6 million other golfers around the world have in this truly amazing golf glove.  

  • The features of the COOL II glove include the following:

    • Durability
    • Play with it in the wet
    • Non slip
    • Super fitting
    • Antibacterial processed
    • Washable
    • Breathable
    • JPN material
    • SEK treated


    And most importantly it allows your hand to breath because it absorbs sweat, dries and ventilates the hand.  No other glove has the features of the FIT39ex COOL II.  With a Patented Design in Japan others will be trying to copy this revolutionary design.  Designed  from the technology of the FIT39ex that is now being used and a glove of choice by golfers around the world this new glove will also become a must have item.

 If unsure as to the right size of glove for you, place a tape measure around your hand as shown below and the centimetre reading will indicate the appropriate glove size. (Longer fingers may require the next size up).


FIT39 Glove Size    cm's
SS    15-19
S    19-21
M    21-23
L    23-24
XL    24-25
XXL    25-29

 *measurements are approximate

Left hand is for Right Handed Golfer. Right hand is for Left Handed Golfer.

Colour - White (Comes with blue stitching)