Published on by Gordon McCallum

Bunker Shots are something that normally strikes fear into the minds of nearly every Golfer but they don't have to. With a little practice and the right technique you'll find the ball will fly out every time.

Below are some tips to make bunker shots more "fun"


Splash Shot - Good Lie

Open the stance approx. 30° left of target line (Feet, Hips and Shoulders).

Weight approx. 70% on left side. Dig feet into sand for secure position.

Ball position inside the left heel. Turn the club in the hands until clubface faces target. The importance of turning the set-up into a routine is the main ingredient in achieving a successful result.

Swing the club as always along the line of the body with acceleration hitting the sand first behind and under the ball through to a full, holding finish

Practise drill:

Put the ball in the middle of a $50.00 note. Try to swing down and through without damaging the note. You will find that the ball will effortlessly fly out of the bunker without you thinking about it.

*Gordon, being Scottish, uses a $5.00 note and accepts no responsibility for damaged notes*

As the lie get worse (i.e. buried) reduce the extremities of the body alignment towards a normal set-up and gradually straighten the clubface eventually closing the face in extreme circumstances (i.e. very buried)

The swing basically does not change only when the clubface is closed (i.e. very buried) the hands should soften to allow the club head to turn due to the impact and weight of the sand allowing the ball to go up and out towards the target!


Holding the club with right hand only hitting the sand feeling the bounce of the club. (NO Ball required)
Drawing a line in the sand in the middle of the stance. Making practice swings to find the lowest point of swing (consistent point of entry in sand). Eventually include balls in this exercise.
Remember you will only get better at bunker shots when you practise properly!

Good luck and please feel free to send feeback.