Published on by Gordon McCallum

Practising on the Golf Course.

This month I want you all to go out and play 9 holes with just 4 clubs, including your putter. You can choose whichever clubs you like, but for those trying this for the first time, I would recommend a driver, a mid iron, a wedge and a putter. You're going to play all 9 holes with just those four clubs. It will teach you to be more creative and you will learn how to manufacture shots.

This is a practice I was "made " to do by our Professional when I was a junior growing up. It can be very difficult and frustrating at times when the shot you have is seemingly impossible with the clubs(4) that you now have in your bag. It can also be brilliant fun as you attempt things with the "wrong" club.

The object is that you will discover what actually makes the ball fly (loft on the club). How the angle of attack of the clubhead can change the performace of the ball. How do I need to change my swing to get the ball to react differently with the "wrong" club.

I know a lot of you are thinking "Wow, this is way above my skills and thoughts" but please just try it with an open mind, I guarantee you'll be surprised.

What it will also do is that when you go back to playing with a full set of clubs the result is that it will be so much easier.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on how you got on.

P.S. Keep practising your short game and remember to have fun!!