Navika Crystal Bead Counter - Various Colours

$29.90 AUD

Product Code: Crystal Bead Counter

Keep track of your game!

Ever thought you may have added an extra stroke to your score because you lost count? Using the beautiful Crystal Golf Stroke Counter makes remembering your score easy and fun. Just attach the Crystal Golf Stroke Counter to your belt loop or golf bag and slide a bead down after each shot. Count the beads at the end of the hole and that is your score. Beautifully designed with Red crystal & metal beads. This Golf Stroke Counter is the stylish way to keep track of your golf strokes!! With a hook to hang on your golf bag, belt loop or on a key chain... The perfect golfing accessory for the Golf Fashionista!

Colours - Red/Crystal, Purple/Crystal, Yellow/Crystal, Pink/Crystal, Blue/Crystal, Green/Crystal